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Jacksonville Florida Videographer

About Courtney

Courtney first began creating fun videos in high school with her friends. She found video to be a creative outlet where she could be herself. Video was always a way she could express her creativity and push herself to try new things. It wasn't until she was nineteen that she decided video was something she was truly passionate about. 

Courtney started learning everything she could about video with a​ny spare time she had outside of college. Starting from ground zero on film techniques, Courtney began her video journey via vlogs. She got a job at a local coffee shop with intentions of saving money to buy camera equipment. Any free time left was spent learning the basics of video by way of vlogging. After a year and a half of making vlogs, an opportunity arose in the real estate industry.

Courtney got a job working video and social media with a local real estate team and began to dive deep into her video career. She branched out further and discovered weddings was another niche she loved documenting. Courtney has since been honing her craft and learning useful social media marketing skills. Today, Courtney is a Determined UNF marketing and international business graduate with a solid history of achievement in creative content, digital marketing strategy, and social media. 

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